I actually used the diagram above from Kenya Hara’s “Designing Design” in my teaching material about AI applications. I am quite fascinated about how we can represent different senses so that we can do things like hearing the touch, seeing the music, feeling the lights, etc. This is the basic idea behind the interactive device I am designing: I want to build a device to collect people’s heartbeat and body temperature, then generate music using that data, and then visualize the music using LEDs and somehow allow people to feel the light (one idea is to visualize people’s heartbeats while they are holding the sensor).

I also invite the BRC citizens to consult the I Ching oracle via the three-coins approach (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KgXaIYpAEHQ ). We will prepare the coins and explanations of each of the 64 hexagrams. The participant asks a question, toss the coins to generate the hexagram, look at the hexagrams laser engraved on the cube floor to find the number, then look up the explanation based on the number. We may also create a program to facilitate this using the Raspberry Pi touchscreen device.

Hardware and Software: The plan is to build the device using Raspberry Pi, Tensorflow, and other sensors. The code will be written in Python and open-sourced.

Solar: I have been thinking about powering the device by solar, which will increase the difficulty and budget of the project. I may make this an option when doing the funding-raising.

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