3D Model

October 29, 2019 in Prototype

3D Model

Many thanks to my childhood friend Dr. Xinnan Zhang, Chair of the Department of Architecture (one of the top architecture programs in China) at Tianjin University (also my alma mater) and his master student Moyu Han for developing the 3D model for this project. Please check it out:

Based on the 3D model, we estimated the basic wood material as follows with sample screenshots from Home Depot:

I want the lumber to be sanded to grit 220 so that it’s smooth to touch and feel.
Frame and Walls: 2”x4”x10′ = 80
Floor and Ceiling: 2”x4”x10′ = 45

Corner Poles: 4”x4”x10′ = 5

We need to estimate many other parts in a separate spreadsheet.

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