Journal of Changes

November 11, 2019 in Ideas

Journal of Changes

I use this post to record activities for this project:

11/13/2019: 2020 Black Rock City Honoraria Letter of Intent submitted! Lots of work – if we move forward, more work for sure – underestimated the workload again, haha 🙂

11/11/2019: Created the I Ching full-text website at

11/10/2019: I consulted the I Ching Oracle (Howto) for the first time. The hexagram I got was 师/The Army, which I found quite amazing for the question I had and discovered management wisdom from that.

11/4/2019: I watched the documentary film: “The Secrets of the I Ching” – very nice!

10/31/2019: To remember the project, I just wrote the following text permanently to Ethereum blockchain 🙂

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